2020 College Football Season Takes Shape

Sam Murphy
Editor in Chief

After a monumental and whirlwind week of news in the college football world, it appears we might actually have some stability for the time-being.

Back in June, everyone was certain we were going to complete a full college football season and even have fans in the stands for the games. However, over the last month and half, the news surrounding college football has been like a series of body blows — ultimately, culminating in the bombshell, knockout-punch of the B1G cancelling their 2020 season.

The reports from the weekend stated the B1G was actively trying to recruit all of the other Power 5 conferences to join them, and a few hours after they announced on Tuesday, the PAC-12 followed their lead (congrats PAC-12, this is the most relevant you’ve been in five years). All hope appeared lost. But then, a hero we all needed, but never expected came through in the clutch.

Ah yes, the Big XII. The typical punching-bag, little brother and joke of the College Football Playoffs, transformed into the oh-so-crucial swing vote to swoop in and stop the bleeding of the college football season. If they tucked-tail and followed the B1G and PAC-12, I’m sure we would be looking at no season in 2020.

While the Big XII is one hero in the story of the 2020 season, the real hero might be Trevor Lawrence and the #WeWantToPlay movement, which started late Sunday night. Lawrence was joined by hundreds of other players, including some of the biggest names in the sport.

Lawrence and the other big stars are players who have absolutely nothing to gain by playing the season this year. Their draft stock and millions in the bank could only be unchanged or affected negatively by playing. Yet, they still want to play.

If the players and coaches are willing and wanting to accept the risk of playing in these circumstances, why not let them? Why take away everything they have worked for in the last seven months at the last second — especially when you got hopes up by being the first to release a schedule and reshaping the entire college football world?

These are answers I don’t have, and maybe no one has them. However, at the time of writing this, we still have a college football season. The Big XII and ACC both have schedules out and the SEC joined the party on Monday night as well.

To steal a phrase from the 2004 Boston Red Sox — Keep the Faith folks. There are new developments every day with this pandemic and some of the new testing methods being discovered could help us complete this season. There is more than “fan moral” riding on this season, so to go without one would be just another unprecedented disaster to add to the list in 2020.

*PS — I’d like to give a big ole f*ck you to the hypocrites of the B1G conference, who believe it is safe enough for intramurals to take place on campus, but heavens no, we can’t have a football season.

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